Printing Software for PTI Express NEW Online Dispatch System

As part of our commitment to improve our service we have developed a new Online Dispatch System. This system will provide a more user friendly experience as well as extra functions. This system can now also be used on Firefox and Chrome as well as Explorer.

In order for you to print labels and manifests on the new system a piece of software must first be downloaded and installed. The software that you need can be found at the link below:-

Click here to download the software

Once you have downloaded this software double click on the file and follow the instructions to install.


Microsoft .NET also needs to be installed to use our software. It is recommended you install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 before installing our software. Please follow the link below to download the relevant version:-

Microsoft .NET


Our software will request the following Microsoft features in order to run.  These are installed during the installation of our software.

  • Microsoft Report Viewer 20012 Runtime
  • Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012 (32bit)
  • Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012 (64bit)


Once the software is installed you will need to run the PTI Print By Association Setup software. When you run this software for the first time you will be informed no reports have been found and the software will automatically download the updates.

You will also be informed no configuration has been found and that you need to set up the software. You will be presented with the following screen.


You need to select which printer and which report to use for printing consignment labels and manifests.

For label printing you’ll want to choose the relevant label printer and chose the labels-4″ x 4″ report (we don’t currently provide 4″ x 8″ labels, but we are expecting to in future, the A4 report is for customers who do not have a label printer).

For the manifest printer you’ll either want to select your label printer and the manifest-4″ x 4″ report OR select an available A4 printer and use the manifest-A4 report.

Once you have made your selection click Save Configuration.

Note. The printer and report selection is a Per User computer setting. If you have logged in as an administrator to install our software you must configure the software whilst logged in as the normal end user.

You can test printing functionality is working as expected by clicking on Print Test Labels / Manifests via the Website at the bottom of the software.