What are the preferred sizes for shipping goods?

Shipping to Ireland

We are as flexible as possible with customers freight. We ship so many different products it would have a negative impact on the business if we tried to impose size or weight restrictions. What we do is carefully analyse the customers products when we are quoting for the business so that the costs are fair and consistent. For example a customer in Banbury make industrial cranes and these are shipped in crates up to 7m long.

Theoretically we should charge them 7m of loading space on a truck but this would make us uncompetitive. These crates are fairly narrow so we know we can put other customers ‘normal’ pallets alongside them on a truck and this helps offset the shipping costs. We make sure we have a good balance of these different types of freight. What is important is that we are able to handle the goods safely and transport them without damage occurring.

Basically if 1 person can’t lift it then it needs to be palletised or crated so a forklift can be used. We send a lot of kayaks to Ireland which can also be up to 6m long however these are very light compared to cranes and will sit on top of normal pallets and can be lifted by 1 person so the delivery costs are substantially less than a 6m crane jib.