Hints and Tips

Reducing Transport Costs

Specialist Carriers By switching your Irish distribution to a specialist carrier you could save money instantly. A lot of companies sending goods over the Irish Sea do so with an existing carrier that will have been chosen to provide a service to the mainland UK. These carriers provide a service to Ireland but via various sub-contractors which can increase cost and complication due to the lack of direct influence on the service.

You may think that by just using the one carrier for all deliveries it is easier because you only have to deal with one transport company. Not true. You are actually dealing with more companies because of the string of sub contractors used to provide what is often a slow and expensive service.

By using a specialist such as PTI Express you are more in control of the service you provide to your customers. Because PTI Express created their own distribution network when they started back in 1989 you will have direct access to the people doing the deliveries. This means less time dealing with delivery queries giving you more time to concentrate on your own business.

Pallet or Parcel Your existing carrier will have a long list of limitations on the sizes and weights of parcels you can send. The only solution at this point is to put oversized goods on a pallet, this results in more than double the cost to have it delivered when you take into account the actual pallet the goods go on, the extra time to pack and handle it not too mention the charge to deliver a pallet. After all that it may even put your customer off buying the goods when the carriage costs are taken into account. This need not be the case.

PTI Express specialises in handling oversized goods. Rather than demanding these be dispatched on a pallet we will provide highly cost effective rates for anything ‘out of the norm’. You can send large or heavy items as they are and only be charged for their weight or the space they take up. For one PTI Express customer that sends large but light items to Ireland the annual savings were further enhanced by the increased sales due to reduced carriage charges for their customers.

A Virtual Distribution Centre There was a time when the cost to distribute to customers in Ireland from within Ireland wasn’t prohibitive. Those days are long gone as operating costs have spiralled upwards and the weakness of Sterling against the Euro has made it even less desirable. Ten years ago UK companies were looking to break into the Irish market by setting up a base in Ireland but now everyone is retreating back to the mainland to take that cost out of their business.

Believe it or not it is now cheaper to distribute in Ireland from the wrong side of the Irish Sea. Companies like PTI Express act as virtual distribution centres for their customers because of the speed of the service they provide. One particular large high street fashion retailer uses the PTI Next Day service because they are able to pick their orders in the afternoon and have the stock in all their major stores before 10am the following morning. By utilising this service on a daily basis it means they don’t need to provide large stock rooms resulting in more useable shop floor space which is vital for their business.


Sending Goods

Below are some useful guidelines for making sure your goods arrive at your customers on time and in the same condition they leave you.

Fragile items Fragile items need extra protection such as bubble wrap, foam sheeting, polystyrene surrounds and ends, moulded and shaped foam, cardboard, polystyrene peanuts or chips, ensuring reduced movement of packaged items.

Strong outer packaging – is it strong enough? A corrugated fibreboard box with a quality outer wrapping is best. Make sure the outer packaging is strong enough for the weight of the parcel. Compensation claims for damage of contents will be invalid if the parcel is inadequately packed or if the packaging is not retained for verification.

Sealing the parcel Open edges of the parcel should be sealed, top and bottom, with plastic or reinforced carton tape, rather than ordinary household tape.

Parcels must not be strapped together or bound to another parcel Any strapping around boxes is not suitable as this can get caught and cause damage to the parcel. Either place all items in one box or send them in separate parcels. We do not pay compensation for loss or damage, or refund for delay for parcels that have been strapped together or bound to another parcel.

Clear, accurate addressing Make sure the recipient’s address and postcode is clearly written on the parcel or pallet. In addition, write your own address, postcode and phone number on the outside and inside of the parcel, in case there are any queries during transit. The phone number of the recipient is also helpful.

Correctly completed documentation Check all documentation is accurately completed to avoid any delay in transit. Make sure the labels are securely attached to the parcel or pallet and are clearly visible.