When next day delivery is essential

You will have been in the situation of waiting for an important delivery to arrive – at the time it feels like a matter of life and death. For a distribution company there is no tougher delivery job than shipping for a medical supplies company. It is literally a matter of life or death.

Belfast City Hospital

We work for a company who supply Belfast City Hospital with medical supplies, so punctuality is of the utmost importance. With urgent deliveries into Ireland it isn’t as simple as just sending a lorry to do the job. There is a large bit of sea in between.  The Irish sea is notoriously rough especially in the winter months and this can affect ferry sailings thus affecting deliveries.

Irish Ferries

To avoid delays with urgent goods we have the flexibility of using all the different shipping routes so if the weather is affecting one port we can switch to another. Conventional ferries are less affected by the weather than the high speed catamarans so we will also utilise the different boats going across the Irish sea. This will minimise any disruption to customers deliveries but maximise the efficiency of the service. Combine this with the flexibility to collect goods late in the day and dispatch trailers to Ireland accordingly it all adds up to a very swift and reliable service. Perfect for those urgent next day deliveries.



How do you get your heavy or awkward items delivered?

One thing PTI Express has learnt during 24 years in business is that  flexibility is key when meeting customers needs. Just how flexible became apparent when the PTI operations manager coaxed an old Herbert Morris 5 tonne overhead crane into life to enable them to crate a 750 kilo tiled spa at a 45 degree angle for onward delivery to Ireland.  This clever use of a bit of midlands engineering history saved the customer £1500, the cost to get a specialist in to do the job.

Tiled Spa

Your every need can be met with our versatile fleet of vehicles, from high roof sprinter vans to 40ft double deck trailers. The range of items we transport includes:

  • Lorry Cabs
  • 6 metre stillages
  • Swimming Pool filtration systems
  • Fork Lift Trucks
  • Giant rolls of paper
  • Hazardous IBC’s

These large items are always delivered on time in perfect condition – the PTI delivery network was created specifically with this in mind. And whilst we are confident in our ability to deliver on time in perfect condition, we also offer flexible insurance cover for the extra peace of mind.


Urgent Deliveries

Whether it is medical supplies, car parts or even a suit for a wedding PTI are used to providing last minute deliveries for business’s that require an express service. We use several different routes across the Irish sea which gives an advantage when it comes to ensuring all deliveries arrive on time.

urgent garments

A perfect example was the delivery of a custom made traditional outfit to be worn specifically for a wedding. Unfortunately these days this type of garment isn’t always manufactured in the country where it is to be worn and on this occasion was coming from Eastern Europe and these items were on a continental trailer that had been delayed in France due to industrial action. The wedding was on the Saturday in a remote part of Ireland yet the goods only arrived at Dover port on the Friday afternoon the day before.

PTI delayed the overnight trunk to Ireland and caught a later sailing. A dedicated delivery vehicle was arranged to meet the trailer at Dublin port on Saturday morning and drive straight to the wedding venue in order to save the grooms blushes. PTI’s customer had an important contract renewed based on the consistency of service provided.

If you think your business could benefit from a flexible and forward thinking distribution provider then give us a ring or fill in the form via the link below.