When your reputation is at stake, who would you trust?

The distribution market is a competitive one. If you need your goods delivering you have quite a few choices open to you. It’s something we at PTI Express never forget. As a specialist shipper to all 32 counties of Ireland since 1989, as well as delivering around the heart of England, we recognise that it’s not only our reputation at stake with every critical delivery; it’s yours too.

Our entire business is focused on helping you excel by delivering your promises. Which is why we say we not only deliver parcels, pallets, hanging garments and hazardous goods; we deliver a commitment – that you won’t find a more reliable, cost-effective and friendly service for getting your goods delivered safely, first time, every time.

It’s a bold claim but our expectations are as high as yours, as we hope the following pages suggest. If you think you are ready for a trouble free delivery service call PTI Express on 0800 393192.


We deliver hanging garments, parcels, pallets and hazardous goods to Ireland

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