Rebranding the business

At the beginning of March this year we will be changing the company name to PTI Express Limited. This is simply a rebranding exercise and all other aspects of the business will remain the same.

We have decided to take this bold step in order to help us maintain growth and keep pushing the business forward. When the business started in 1989 the name Parcels to Ireland was perfect because that was literally all we did. As we have grown and developed our services our original name has become less relevant to what we do.

Now in 2011 not only do we collect and deliver parcels, pallets, hanging garments and hazardous goods to name but a few but these services are available around the heart of England as well as Ireland. We want to be able to promote the business and all these great services we can provide without the restrictions of the old name.

Our core business will still be the Irish market, that isn’t going to change, however the new name will give us more options for future growth. The only difference you will see as a customer is the new name on all of our correspondence and this will be transferred to vehicles and drivers uniforms over time.

If you need any further clarification of the above then don’t hesitate to contact the office and ask for Nick or Mandy.